Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Yusuf Buratai has given what seems like a final warning to Boko Haram Terrorists leader, Abubakar Shekau, advising him to surrender, as time is up for him or he (Shekau) will be consumed by victorious Nigerian troops.

The Army Chief took to social media (Facebook Page) to warn the leader of Boko Haram terrorist organization that troops who have reportedly closed in on the remnants of insurgents and crushed them, were now primed to annihilate him.

In a poem entitled ‘End of the Road’ posted on his Facebook page, Lt. General Buratai expressed satisfaction that most of the foot soldiers of the sect have either been crushed or escaped leaving the acclaimed leader (Shekau) without defence.

Buratai exuded confidence that the era of preaching fake ideology to gullible citizens who become radicalized to take up arms against the state is over.

He further assured that peace will return and the nation will return to its place of honour noting that gallant troops of Nigerian military will never again allow peace elude our nation.

The Poem reads-



By TY Buratai

It’s time to surrender.

The deceit is over

Fake ideology preached no more

Surrender before the patient birds

Hovering above you ready to land

Easy prey you are today Shekau

Your foot guards perished

Your foolish pawns escaped

Abandoned you to your follies and perils

Victorious troops celebrate

The pride of the nation

Never again for peace to elude

Our land of honour to rise greater than before




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