Following the directive of the Inspector General of Police that all illegal firearms and weapons are mopped up across the country, the Bayelsa State Police Command has set up a Task Force headed by the Deputy Commissioner of Police for that purpose.

A statement by the Commissioner of Police, CP Donald Awunah said, “The Bayelsa State Police Command therefore will henceforth treat and prosecute persons arrested for unlawful possession of firearms and trafficking in illegal weapons as terrorists, armed robbers, kidnappers and cultists.

“The Command will immediately embark on aggressive crack down on violent criminals throughout the State.

“To this end, the command has set up a Task Force on illegal firearms headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations.

“The task force is saddled with the responsibility to mop-up illegal firearms in the state among other firearms related infractions.

“The command will not hesitate to deal decisively within the ambit of the law, persons, group of persons, vigilantes, neighbourhood watch groups and community vanguards arrested for possession of illegal weapons.

“However, persons or group of persons who directly or indirectly are in possession of illegal firearms or ownership of any weapon of any nature or calibre are in their own interest advised to surrender such arms to the nearest Police station within twenty one (21) days from date.

CP Awunah noted that the setting up of the task force was consequent upon the IGP’s directives of concern over unlawful possession of firearms and proliferation of light and illegal weapons in the country by violent criminals and criminal gangs in all forms and names who have continued to kill and main innocent citizens.

“Subsequently, the IGP has directed a crackdown on weapon wielding violent criminals and comprehensive mop-up of illegal arms in the country” he said.

“The command calls on all the peace loving people of Bayelsa State to cooperate and assist the Police in ensuring that peace, security and community harmony reign supreme in the glory of lands – Bayelsa State” CP Awunah added.




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