EXCLUSIVE: How N’Assembly leaders spent remaining N3.4billion of N10billion Adeosun largesse

Saraki Adeosun Dogara

Saraki Adeosun Dogara

The controversial N10 billion the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, illegally released to Nigeria’s National Assembly was recklessly spent on exotic cars and sundry other contracts, many of them ludicrous and seemingly dubious, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report today.

On Saturday, we reported how the leadership of the National Assembly, led by Senate President Bukola Saraki, House Speaker Yakubu Dogara and Clerk Mohammed Sani-Omolori, blew N6.6billion on exotic cars.

Today, we are providing you with details of how the remaining N3.4 billion was spent.

Our analysis of the spending suggested duplication and inflation of contracts, ridiculous procurements and contract fraud.

For instance, the Senate paid Messrs Quantita Services Nigeria Limited N115million for a contract ambiguously named “Anti-Climb security”. But curiously, the same firm was also paid N100 million by the House of Representatives for “fencing security work”. Quantita Services Ltd was also awarded N50 million for “NASS flood light project” at the cost of N50 million.

Interestingly, another company, Alik-Dove Services Ltd was given N100 million by the National Assembly management for the upgrade of “NASS External Lighting”.

Office Equipment and Rehabilitation Bazaar

But a generous chunk of the N3.4 billion was spent on the procurement of office equipment, refurbishing and maintenance of offices and meeting rooms, the document revealed.

While the House of Representatives lavished a whopping N408million on the supply of office equipment, the management of the National Assembly shelled out N46 million in a single transaction for the supply of office equipment, the document revealed.

In one particularly curious instance, two contracts of the same value to the last decimal -N33,918,750 – was awarded to two different companies, Messrs Popona Star Nigeria Ltd and Yujam Nigeria Ltd, for office equipment.

Other suppliers of office equipment included N47 million to Starcraft Integrated Ltd, N100 million to Nsa-Nsa Communication, N38 million to O.B. Global Intertech Limited, N55.5 million to Kamwalay Global Nigeria Ltd, and N100 million to Truteh Engineering Consult & Services Ltd. It is not clear what these equipment are.

Apart from the N454million spent on office equipment, another N109 million was paid to Navadee Integrated Nigeria Ltd for “ICT supply of equipment”.

The National Assembly also spent a total N578million on refurbishing of meeting and committee rooms. This is notwithstanding the N250million paid to DCN Nigeria Ltd for “general renovation of main building”.

The House of Representatives did not completely abstain from spending on the renovation of its committee rooms. It paid H and H Inter-Biz Services N50 million for that purpose.

The House awarded another contract tagged “Painting of Committee Rooms” worth N46million to Jagsul Nigeria Ltd.

Similarly, the House awarded N39 million for the replacement of address system in the committee rooms to Messrs Dee Ex Associate Ltd.

Messrs Deechez Broadcast Ltd also got N86 million for the “upgrading” of eight meeting halls from the Management of the National Assembly.

In what appears a ridiculous case of unbridled profligacy, the National Assembly management spent N50million on furnishing of the office of the new Deputy Clerk in the House of Representatives. The contract was awarded to Messrs Dallayi & Bakori.

Thirty million naira (N30 million) each was awarded to Saramin International Ventures Ltd and Hydrofield Services Nigerian Ltd for “Stone pitching work” and “Erosion control” respectively.

The bazaar did not stop there. Asyad Nigeria Ltd was given N47 million for the maintenance of access points for members’ offices, while the National Assembly management spent N31 million on rehabilitation of its power generators.

The management also claimed it spent N81 million on a contract awarded to Wordline Nigeria Limited for the construction of “car parks” at unspecified locations.

It also awarded a N100 million contract to Roadmap Consult & Global Link for “General drainage & sewage works” while N51 million was paid for the supply and installation of venetian window blinds. Where the blinds were installed were not specified in the documents in our possession.

Stable Technology got N158 million to upgrade the budget tracking software” as well as another N162 million for the “supply and installation of E-Parliament software and hardware for the Senate.

The upper chamber paid Dua Creation Limited N98million for the “maintenance/upgrading of Senate intranet”.


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