AI’s alleged human right violation against military lack credibility, says NHRC

Mr Tony Ojukwu, The Executive Secretary of the National Human Right Commission (NHRC), has decribed the Amnesty International allegation against the Nigerian Military as “Vague and lacks credibility”. It will be recalled that the AI had in its latest recalled that the AI in its latest report alleged that the Nigerian soldiers raped thousands of women and girls who escaped from Boko Haram insurgents. The AI also alleged that soldiers fighting Boko Haram had killed many people who refused to be moved from territories rescued from the insurgents.

But Ojukwu denied this claim in Adamawa while reacted while filling question during a two day workshop to Improve capacity of the Military and Paramilitary personnels in identifying protection of civil populace in counter insurgency operations. He said such allegation of human rights violation by the military was a heavy indictment hat should be taken seriously if it was substantiated with facts or data to show thay such violations. He challenged the AI to always verify its claims before making such indictment that was capable of causing, havoc and apprehension among people.

“The allegation by Amnesty International is vague and lacks credibility. This is because it will be difficult to investigate all this claims considering the large numbr of military personnel deployed to different fomations and locations in the northeast. ” You cannot send the country into a wide geese chase to find out who sexuallt assaults anybody if there is no facts to back up your claims,” said Ojukwu. He added that the training would exposed participants on the legal framework for International human Rights Law and Humanitarian Principles. It will enhanced the capacity of the officers on how to protect the rights of civilians when caught up in armed conflict.


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