Killing of General Alkali: Police Parade Suspects in Jos

On behalf of the Plateau State Police Command, this is a brief on the Commands’ investigations so far, in respect of the suspicious disappearance and death of Major General Idris Mohammed Alkali Rtd. The retired General left Abuja for Bauchi enroute Jos on 03/09/2018 and was reported missing on the 06/09/2018 as he did not arrive his destination.

The case was reported at the Anglo-Jos, Police Division on 03/09/2018 The tracking of his phones, vehicle and laptop led detectives alongside the Military to a pond in Dura-DU in Jos South Area of Plateau State. On 29/09/2018, the car driven by the missing General was recovered at the pond On 17/10/2018 the Military handed over thirteen (13) suspects arrested in connection with this case to the Plateau State Police Command for investigations After a painstaking interrogation, the Command declared eight(8) suspects wanted on the 21/10/2018, so far, six(6) out of the eight (8) have reported while two (2) are still at large.

Below are the initial thirteen (13) suspects taken over from the Military and their levels of involvement so far.

1. Pam Chuwang Kim ‘m’ 32yrs · Knew about the incident · Among the Rampaging youth of 03/09/2018 · Was at Lapande with other youth.

2. Pam Chuwang Dung 19yrs · Knew about the incident · One of the Rampaging youth of 03/09/2018 · He was at Lapande on 03/09/2018 with other youth.

3. Michael James ‘m 22yrs · Resides in Doi village · Witnessed the incident · Saw when and how the General was killed. · Knows the people that killed the General. · Concealed the information until his arrest

4. Dung Pam ‘m’ 26yrs · A youth in Doi community · Arrested in possession of a Revolver Pistol with one (1) round of ammunition

5. John Alkali ‘m’ 21yrs. · Arrested with a locally made gun with one(1) round of live ammunition.

6. Rebecca Gyang Pam ‘f 35yrs · Resides in Doi village. · One of the women that protested against the draining of the pond where the missing General’s car was recovered · Did everything to conceal the crime and pervert the

7. Yohanna Dung ‘m’ 61yrs · A carpenter by profession · Arrested by the Military during search and rescue.

8. Stanley Onuchukwu ‘m’ 34yrs · Owns and operates a block industry beside the pond in Dura where the car was recovered. · Had the information about the pushing of the missing General’s car into the pond from his employees · He concealed the information until his arrest.

9. Nenfa jwanan ‘m’ 22yrs · Employed by Stanley Onuchukwu ‘m’ at the block industry · Witnessed when the car was pushed into the pond · Concealed the information until his arrest

10. Michael Peter ‘m · Employed by Stanley at the block industry. · Had information about the dumping of the car into the pond · Saw those that blocked the Roads on 03/09/2018. · Concealed the information until his arrest.

11. Maxwell Dadel ‘m’ · Had information on the dumping of the car into the pond but concealed it until his arrest.

12. Simon Sule ‘m’ 27yrs · Arrested by the soldiers during search operation. · Resides in Dura-DU · Believed to be one of the restive 03/09/2018

13. Paul Bot Gyangzee ‘m’ 52yrs · Owns a Restaurant/Drinking joint in DU-Daddy’s Bar and Restaurant. · He was arrested during search/rescue operation. · His business joint believed to be where some of the principal suspects at large normally meet to plan their activities. · He knows some of the principal suspects.

Below also are the six (6) out of the eight(8) declared wanted who have reported and their levels of involvement

14. Stephen Chuwang ‘m’ · He confessed he was among the persons that exhumed the corpse of the General on the 29/09/2018 from Doi-DU and relocated same to Gushwet Shen · Led detectives to the pit where the remains of the missing General was recovered

15. Timothy Chuwang ‘m’ · He drove the vehicle of the missing General from Doi-Du to the pond at Dura-DU and pushed it into the pond alongside with others on 03/09/2018

16. Mathew Chuwang Rwang ‘m’ · He is the Youth Leader of Doi-DU and mentioned by Stephen Chuwang ‘m’ as one of those who exhumed the corpse from Doi-Du and relocated same to Gushwet-Shen

17. Yakubu Rapp ‘m’ · He is the village Heed of Dura-DU · The vehicle was recovered in a pond in his area. He has knowledge of the entire exercise as the youth of the area respect and obey him.

18. Pam Gyang Duns ‘m’ · He is from Doi-DU and Mai-angwa of Latiya. · He is a friend to Da. Chuwang AKA Mourinho, the principal suspect who is at large. · He is believed to have participated actively in the killing of the General

19. Moses Gyang ‘m’ · He is a son to Pam Gyang Dung ‘m’AKA Boss. · One (1) locally made pistol was recovered in his house during cordon and search operation.

Meanwhile, efforts are on-going to track down the other two (2) suspects still at large. Moreover suspects will be charged to court according to their involvements as soon as possible.

Tyopev Matthias Terna

Police Public Relations Officer Plateau State



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