Many countries across the world today are battling with serious internal security challenges, mostly in form of insurgency or terrorism.  These violent campaigns are often waged by bands of apocalyptic religious extremists and vile men driven by untenable agenda.


Their primary aim is usually to force their warped ideology and extremism on uninterested people, and they are quite determined to exterminate and inflict maximum pain on those who oppose them or call their bluff.


Unfortunately, our dear country is having a heavy dose of this global malady and worse still, assailed in many fronts by vicious insurgents backed by international terrorist organization and unrelenting cross-border bandits and plunderers wreaking havoc and impairing the locals.


The truth is that never in our annals has a group or sect sprout up with no coherent agenda but with much venom against the society like the Boko Haram terrorists operating in the North East.


Never in the history has Nigeria been so buffeted with the multiplicity of internal security challenges, ranging from terrorism to armed banditry, herdsmen-farmers clashes, kidnapping, armed robbery, separatist agitation, cult and ritual killings, etc, as is happening now.


Never in its history, not even during the civil war, has our military been so stretched with the task of providing internal security assistance to the point of deploying troops to about 34 of the 36 states in the country, as is the case today. 



Who ever imagined that Nigerians that are hitherto acclaimed for an almost insatiable appetite for life could contemplate wearing the suicide vest to blow up themselves and others or even plant bombs in the bus stations, churches and mosques, with intent to kill as many Nigerians?


Who ever imagined that bandits will spring up from the plains of Zamfara to kidnap, kill and destroy lives of Nigerians in that axis? Who ever thought that after the 30 months bitter civil war that the ghost of Biafra will rise again in the form of separatist group called IPOB? Whoever believed that the clashes of farmers and herdsmen in the Benue belt will result to deadly outcomes, the type that we witnessed of late?


Whoever imagined this sort of extremism, bestiality and savagery in our dear country? We only read or heard about such happenings in distant lands, far away from our clime! But the reality has dawn on us that we have caught the bug and in fact, capable of outdoing those people from the distant lands that we only read about!


In all of these serious and deadly security challenges and threat to national security, who else but the gallant Nigerian military are called upon to protect Nigerians and defend the sovereignty of Nigeria? Who else are on the harm’s way taking bullets on our behalf if not our gallant troops?


Thanks to the Nigerian security forces led by the military for being able to contend with the relentless hydra-headed monster of insecurity that is so determined to destroy the peace and stability of our country.  Thanks to our brave soldiers who have laid down their lives in defence of our country from fierce enemies and brutal adversaries


Thanks to our patriotic military that recognize their constitutional obligation of defending the country from external aggression and internal insurrection. Thanks to the military and security agencies for not shirking their onerous responsibility right from the commencement of offensive against the Nigerian state by the Boko Haram terrorists.


Our gallant troops are determined and patriotic as ever in spite of the challenges of infiltrations, sabotage and politicization. Not only have the terrorists been denied any sanctuary within the territorial borders of Nigeria, there is no respite for them from the bombardments of the gallant Nigerian troops from both land and air.


The gallantry of our troops, sadly, has not been without huge costs: a number of soldiers have paid the supreme price, many others have lost their limbs or have been maimed for life, young families of military personnel have been thrown into mourning and sorrow; many more soldiers are still in harm’s way, doing all they could to defend and protect us from those who seek to destroy us. To this, Nigerian people owe them a world of debt, debt of gratitude.


The heaviest price our gallant officers and men are made to bear of late is the sustained unconscionable media vilification orchestrated by unpatriotic politicians and mischievous international organisations. For them, not even matters of national security or the corporate existence of the country can be spared their negative politics and meddlesomeness.


This unacceptable trend has gone on for far too long to the embarrassment of ordinary Nigerian citizens who genuinely appreciate the huge sacrifices and fighting spirit of the gallant Nigerian military.


It must be reemphasized that the war against enemies of our country is not a battle for our soldiers alone. All of us men and women of goodwill have a role to play in the defence of our dear country. What our military and all other agencies that are engaged in the counter-terrorist operation and other internal security operations across the country need at this moment are unconditional public solidarity and unflinching support. As citizens, we must ensure that their morale is boosted and their fighting spirit up.


Every right thinking Nigerian MUST acknowledge the indefatigable role and untiring commitment of our gallant troops in defending our territorial integrity from external aggression and internal insurrection. That is what we owe our patriotic and dutiful soldiers.


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