Constitutional Lawyer and Human Rights Activist, Chief Mike Ozekhome has tongue-lashed the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for running a government that freely spreads poverty, disillusionment, melancholy, hopelessness and sadness.

He described the APC led government as the most clueless and directionless in the history of Nigeria noting that it has instituted a ‘unique privatization of corruption’ in the country.

In a statement he signed on Thursday, December 28, 2017, titled ‘Expectations from President Buhari: Pursuing Triffless’, Chief Ozekhome said, “Expectations from PMB? That is a tall dream.

“Nigerians’ expectations, not mine, are that PMB should first form and put in place a serious government properly so called before we begin to talk of PMB giving Nigerians democracy dividends.

“This is the most clueless, most directionless, most irresponsible and most corrupt government in the history of Nigeria since the January 1, 1914 Lugardian amalgamation of Southern and Northern protectorates to form Nigeria.

“It is mostly a “one chance” cabalistic government of incredible opaqueness, unique privatization of corruption and a government that freely spreads poverty, disillusionment, melancholy, hopelessness, sadness, pains, blood, and pangs.

“For the first time in the sad history of Nigeria, Nigerians spent Xmas at petrol stations, queuing for fuel, while government officials are shamelessly diverting and selling available fuel to their cronies and highest bidders.

“This is a government that continuously “fights” corruption within itself with sweet smelling sasarobia perfume, whilst fighting so called corruption of opposition and critics of government with insecticides, pesticides and herbicides.

“This government protects its corrupt officials involved in mind bungling larceny of $25billion dollars contracts, warehousing of 50b from TSA and shamelessly requesting for $1billion to fight a Boko Haram that it claimed to have defeated since December, 2015.

“To discuss this government is to engage in sheer banality and Baba Sallah’s Alawada Kerikeri histrionics and buffoonery.

“I dey siddon look; I dey laugh.”


Chief Mike Ozekhome, OFR

Constitutional Lawyer and Human Rights Activist.


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