War on Terror: Troops Over-run Terrorist Position in Sambisa Forest; Physically Occupy Camp Zairo – Major General Nicholas.

Theater Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Rogers Nicholas says troops fighting to clear remnants of Boko Haram terrorists, have successfully over-run terrorists positions in Sambisa Forest.

The troops have thereby physically occupied ‘Camp Zairo’, the headquarters of the group inside the Forest.

He added that several Boko Haram logistics including combat and non-combat vehicles as well as weaponry have been destroyed in the ongoing ‘Operation Deep Punch 2’.

Nicholas spoke at a meeting with heads of security agencies in Borno state to ensure synergy and work to stop Boko Haram attacks on innocent members of the society especially through suicide bombings.

The security meeting which is the Theater Commander’s maiden meeting with security stakeholders in Borno, took place at the Military Command and Control Center in the headquarters, Theater Command, Operation Lafiya Dole.

General Nicholas said he had desired to meet with the security stakeholders in the three major states of north east, particularly Borno State which he described as the epicenter of the counter terrorism and counter insurgency operations in the region.

He said it was necessary to meet to foster acquaintance and close the gaps in the security architecture of the state and the north east generally.

In an overview of the operational activities of troops, Nicholas said, “Presently troops have over-run Boko Haram positions in Sambisa and have physically occupied Camp Zairo.

He added that several Boko Haram logistics including combat and non-combat vehicles as well as weaponry have been destroyed in the ongoing ‘operation deep Punch 2’.

He stated further that there was need for synergy and information sharing at all fronts to successfully drive the operations.

He urged the security agencies not to hesitate to share information among themselves.

Major General Nicholas informed all of the closure of the Bama-Maiduguri and Gwoza-Damboa roads noting that the closure became necessary to prevent fleeing Boko Haram insurgents from escaping from the ongoing onslaught by troops.

He urged all to intensify effort in ensuring that fleeing insurgents are apprehended.

Throwing more light, he said the curfew imposed should be jointly enforced by all security agencies.

He warned against the activities of some security personnel using the positions to encourage violation of the curfew and beating security checkpoints saying there must be total compliance.

He added that such unsavoury attitude will not be condoned.

The theater Commander also addressed the need for relevant security agencies to complement the efforts of troops of operation lafiya dole by deploying operatives and personnel in some of the areas that have been liberated by the troops.

Regarding Boko Haram suicide bombing attacks, the Theater Commander urged all to be more proactive, vigilant and ensure regular patrols of the vulnerable areas such as Muna Garage and Molai areas.

The Theater Commander also waded into the challenge of lack of operational allowances for personnel.


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