I Will No Longer Negotiate With Armed Groups, They Only Understand Violence – Governor Masari

I Will No Longer Negotiate With Armed Groups, They Only Understand Violence – Governor Masari

The Katsina State Governor, Bello Masari has declared that he will no longer sit down or dialogue with armed groups terrorizing the state because the only language they understand is the language of violence.

“We will no longer talk to anyone because they are just like walls, they don’t hear, when you talk to them about God, they don’t even know him, what they understand is violence.”

The Governor publicly declared today during a visit to Faskari Local Government Area, where terror groups in the northwest had visited with mass killings, arson, abductions and rape.

The state government recently blamed one Ado Aleru, a violent gang leader, after negotiations with his group collapsed. The state government later announced a bounty for anyone with information on the whereabouts of Aleru.

The Governor who spoke at a community primary school, hosting over 3000 displaced persons in Faskari said, “I said I will not come here until I see a better approach. Soldiers and the police must ensure that we don’t continue the rat and cat approach. Once they start, they (security agencies) should ensure it is over.

I’m sure there’s no innocent person in these forests, so the issue of talking to criminals or holding dialogue is over. Never again, the soldiers and police should do their jobs,” the Governor declared.

“Those who inform bandits must stop, the people must be willing to change themselves, I won’t be surprised if there’s an informant here. The moment we leave, he will call and tell them everything we said. May God expose them all, anyone who has a hand in this may God expose them,” Masari said angrily.

“There’s no way people with no training and with small arms can overrun the government with all its armouries, trained men. We want you to pray and help the security agencies with reliable information, not the kind of information that will put them and the people at risk,” he added.

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